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use whenever you want, in the privacy of your own home. >> woman: you'll hear from hollywood stars, anti-aging doctors, professional aestheticians, celebrity makeup artists and women of all ages who are enjoying this fountain of youth without expensive spa treatments or doctor visits. >> i'm 51, i just turned 51, and a lot of people think i look a lot younger than i did even, you know, 10 years ago, which is amazing, and i, i have to credit nubrilliance for that. >> and i go to the store and people are like, "oh, my god, you look so much younger in person." [laughs] i'm like, "you're right... with nubrilliance." >> sorry for all the spas out there but you really can... [laughs] you really can do this at home yourself. >> announcer: nubrilliance is one of the hottest products sweeping the u.s. and europe. men and women around the world are enjoying dramatic changes in their skin. advances in technology now make it possible for you to get amazing results with true microdermabrasion, just like a professional salon-style treatment that you o can now do in your own home. >> woman: in ju
person too but works like a weaver. puts the rest of us to shame. it's a huge loss and we can't imagine why anybody would do that to joe. >> they called him joe. everyone knew him as joe. as for the woman arrested, she's being held without bond. not implicated herself but they also say the car she was stopped in is being processes for possible evidence. >> all right. thank you for the update. >> developing right now. more than 4,000 passengers and crew are still stuck on this carnival cruise ship engine room fire cut the power. passengers are getting cell service. we're getting a better idea of conditions. buckets of sewage in the hallways. stench. people forced to sleep outside because of the smell. let's get a closer look now. >> reporter: from the shores of alabama, you can see the carnival cruise ship as it creeps toward the port in mobil. >> we have mobilized 200 of our staff that are here to assist the guests and our crew. and the operations and logistics here. >> passengers stuck aboard the ship describing nightmare conditions with no power. scarce food and overflowing toilets. >
. let me ask you a question. how many of you use social media? you're on facebook, maybe you twitter, even email. what if i told you that all that time that you waste you could be making money and a lot of it. my guests are going to show you how. come on. >oh, adrian morrison, welcome back to my show. you know we did a show before and the reason i invited arian back is because not only he's one of the most interesting guests that i've ever talked to but you encourage so many people to make money and you've come out with something new, so i want everyone to meet you. can we just start out with how old are you? >>twenty-seven. >yeah, i don't want to embarrass you. but he's probably made more money last month than we made all year, okay? you know, seriously, i mean one of his things it talks about how he generated 200,000 dollars in a single month. anybody do that? alright great, anybody at home you want to listen up. this is an amazing show and that's why i invited this young man back. uh.. how did you get started making money online? >>well actually i started going to college and i wa
and a used fedora. >> he was like the blank check. >> if you could fly a plane with anybody dead or alive, who would it be? >> you want to make it back? >> i didn't say the last flight. >> psycho mike has some advice for the ladies. >> there are three things you can do to make you look hotter to most men. >> taking your birth control. >> no worries now. >> no worries except aids and herpes. >> it's not a kid. >> we got moby. >> when you tour in japan, do you use the bidets? >> why wouldn't they do that here? >> you wouldn't have to go outside and use the hose. >> when are we going to get that bidet? >> hi neighbor. >> it's oscar time which means all the big stars are flocking to hollywood to get free stuff because they are all cheap bastards like jessica alba or perhaps the biggest star of all nominated for best performance by a 42-year-old pretending to be 18 courtney stodden. >> what are you doing? >> i'm here for the oscar sweet giveaway. should be fun. >> we now go to oscar himself for being affiliated with courtney stodden. >> everything that is wrong with the oscars. who invited the
. the door was made of glass, a shock wave hit us. >> reporter: ironically, the event occurring in the same day an asteroid is supposed to buzz by earth closer than any asteroid has since 15 years ago and scientists started monitoring them. experts insist it will miss the planet by more than 17,000 miles coming closer than communication and weather slights which orbit the -- satellites which orbit the earth. >> on the scale of every 1,000 to 2,000 years and again they're about the size of the olympic swimming pool. they don't pose a threat and this one isn't going to come close the colliding with -- to colliding with the earth. >> reporter: it blew up around 18 to 32 miles above the ground. in london, greg pal cot. fox news. >>> of course the sky show, the structural damage and all the injuries suffered in russia today has many people wondering about meteors and could it happen here? fox 5's bob barner has the explanation. >> reporter: we went to the smithsonian institution today looking for answers and spoke to their experts on all things having to do with meteors and meteorites. most show
delicious. >> nothing mixes better than vanilla and chocolate and yet somehow racial harmony still eludes us. >> where is this? >> third avenue. >> was it east side? >> third and 89th. >> racial profile. >> is it possible they just profiled him as the shiftiest eye ever? >> that was mean. anyway, the deli apologized but people are pissed. like this guy. >> an employee of a deli, you're going to frisk me. you call the police and have the police frisk me but keep your hands off of me. >> absolutely. >> yes, deli, he won an oscar for god's sake. >> okay, there are probably better scenes. >> hey, billy. how you doing? >> we got billy bob thornton. so we asked him a bunch of tattoo questions. can you describe the feeling you had when you got the first tattoo? >> that was so long ago. it was in 1974 which back then people didn't get tattoos. just people in the navy or bikers. now you go to the dentist and now the dentist has a tattoo. >> it's so true. >> on a woman when they get a tattoo on their back, it's called a tramp stamp. what is it called when a man has a tattoo on his back? >> stupid. >>
is ready to do another trailian and a half to get up to the target that economists tell us is needed to stabilize the debt over the next 10 years. >> that was brand-new white house chief of staff dennis mcdonough speaking on some of the sunday talk shows as well. so far, the democratic proposals to avoid the sequester have been for a smaller amount of budget cuts increased taxes. republicans have been mostly opposed to that idea and the feeling here on capitol hill among many is that the sequester is probably going to happen. >> thank you. >>> in this morning's stop stories, mindy mccready has died. authorities believe she committed suicide. police say the 37-year-old was found with a gunshot wound on the front porch of a home sunday evening. authorities say her long-time boyfriend committed suicide at the same home just weeks ago. mccready is best known for her hit, guys do it all the time and 10,000 angels. her career was sidetrackedded in recent years. >>> an early morning house fire on sunday. fire broke out at the home on 33rd street in southeast around 3:00 a.m. several other p
not find a crime scene. unable to get on to the property. the manager wouldn't let us. we haven't been able to knock on doors to find out who lived in the apartment. >> the investigation continues. paul, thank you. >> a student is dead tonight after being stabbed on the campus of university of maryland eastern shore. died at the hospital saturday night. police say saint clair, his brother and another young man were driving through the campus when they encountered three or four people. the group started fighting and saint clair was stabbed. >> could have been my best friend, could have been my classmate. anybody. knowing that, scares us . >> the president of the universe sit sent a letter to the parents telling them campus police are working with state police to make sure the campus is safe. $2,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest. >> montgomery county police are asking for your help finding this woman. 22-year-old ashley funk was last seen several weeks ago. funk is pictured here several years ago with blond hair but she has long black hair. five-five, 120 pound
will stay to the south and east of us. you see the bigger picture and that is a very broad storm. the area of low pressure is towards illinois and indiana. that is weakening. another area is to the southwest of us and that storm system is strengthening just a little bit. and i anticipate several more hours of rain here and generally speaking, we have gotten less than a quarter of an inch and we're going to get more. the winter weather advisory in affect for another hour and for some higher elevations. coming up in the first look at the forecast. >> thank you, gary. >> e. and as the rain moves into the area, you can use the fox 5 weather app to view live doppler radar and download it on your phone,. >> i joy pad and droed. >> and to capitol hill where a vote is underway. if confirmed, the former nebraska senator chuck hagel will succeed leon panetta and republicans posed the nomination and suggesting he was too willing to compromise with iran and looks like he has the votes needed. over to you. >>> countdown of $85 billion is on. they have been scheduled now for about a year and c
arrest. he is accused of using a racial slur and slapping a boy across the face on a delta flight february 8th. huntedly, the president of uni tech, a large manufacture of composite products for aerospace transportation in idaho has been suspended from his job pending investigation. minnesota mom expwhres see kay ben -- jessica bennett took the seat and the man next to her began complaining, drinking and became increasingly belligerent. she spent most of the time with her child standing not in her seat. when it was time for the descent, they returned to take a seat. as the altitude changed, jonah started to cry. huntedly demanded the child be silenced then used a racial slur and lashed out. >> his mouth was in my ear and he said it again but more hateful and he is on my face. i pushed him away. that's when he slapped john. so, people saw. >> reporter: court papers reveal another passenger on the flight heard derogatory language coming from the rear of the plane and got out of his seat to investigate in time to witness the attack. huntedly is charged with simple assault. the fbi is
travel issues this afternoon. but this will not be a major event for us as we are getting what we call a little overrunning. there is your radar. you can see the snow out to the west. it is cold enough that anything that falls over the next several hours will likely fall in the form of some kind of precipitation. it will transition into sleet and eventually rain. for parts of the area, freezing rain could be an issue and that is the big concern any time you are talking about temperatures below 32 and any rain falling. that could quickly cause issues. your morning commute here should be fine. julie will have more. i think by late morning, early afternoon, we'll get the light precip moving in from the south and west. temperatures right now cold enough for winter weather. 32 at reagan national. locally, we don't have any advisories but if you get out to the west out into parts of western maryland there, west virginia and western virginia we've got winter weather advisory and primarily the concern is snow, sleet and the potential for freezing rain out there as they will likely stay in the
'd endorse a product if i used it myself. all right, could we ask another question? 'cause i got to knock the last couple of images out of my head. if--if you used them, you'd admit to it? it's the right thing to do. ohh, all of a sudden you have scruples. i got scruples, marie. i got scruples the size of basketballs. aww... what answer card did you have, debra? well, i had a "yes" card, so i guess i lose. that's right, you lose. you have to get another card, that's what you get. [baby cries on monitor] oh, ray, look, he's up again. could you go check on him? i'll go. no, dad, i want to go-- i'm going! arrggh.. ok, it's my turn. oh, this question. this question's for raymond. "someone has taken your umbrella out of the cloakroom. "it's a rainy day, and there's another one sitting there. do you take it?" no. no. no, i would not take someone's umbrella, no. i wish to challenge you. "challenge"? yeah, that's right, "challenge." it's right here in the rules-- oh, that's right, you didn't want to hear the rules. challenge. i get 20 seconds to convince everybody that you're not telling the trut
come to earth and are going to kill the planet and they say if you can send us three specimens of human excellence, we'll spare the world. >> why don't we send up tyra banks since she already looks like an alien? >> "tmz" pop quiz, what is 64, just lost the super bowl and still has a way better life than you? answer colin kaepernick. >> totally makes up for not winning the super bowl. not really. but still looks fun. >> best photos of colin kaepernick just surfaced. chicks are doing body shots off of him. >> these pics taken right before the season show kaepernick was giving out the best body shots ever. except for these. the classics never die. >> he's having a great time. chicks are digging it. the girls have on mardi gras beads. >> colin is not only fun, he's brave because guess where he is partying his ass off. >> on this cruise in mexico. having fun, meeting chicks and not having his head cut off or being castrated by mexican drug lords. good for him. though there is something odd about the body shots. >> you're not supposed to do body shot off of dudes. >> unless it's off the peni
that tell us that. >> im not a hundred people. >> he calls somebody up on the phone and says smooth diggity is not letting us in. >> i understand that. >> sorry buddy. can't let you in. >> let's go. >> what company do you work for? >> the company that didn't let you into the awesome party. >> that was pretty funny. >> that is hilarious. >> now you're getting heckled by the peanut gallery. time to call it a night. >> we say sorry, you can't win them all. >> but ryan, you may not be the biggest star in hollywood but -- that's it really. >> float like a butterfly sting like a bee. >> we got laila ali at l.a.x. >> we say you and rhonda rousey, five minutes, who wins? >> she goes who? >> me and anybody i win. >> you take her on? >> i take on anybody, i win. >> that's classic ali. >> that's what she's supposed to say. >> rhonda rousey would punish her. >> that chick was around her neck choking her face off and she got out of it. >> you shook her off the back. >> you can't say that. >> she got kicked in the boob. >> she got kicked in the chest. >> if porn stars were feeling a burning sensation in
't know what i'm going to do i may have to use the landline. >> and this is's stressful day. >> it's wednesday today, i made cookies and don't cook. >> reporter: these types and their parents agree that they're addicted to their phones. sounds bad, but parents expert and author brian housen said it's not the technology that is bad but what you do with it. >> and that is a huge part of their life and that is going to be natural for them to -- and i don't know what to do. >> reporter: they got it back and while they were too busy to talk much. >> oh, my god. >> and that is. >> we went for a walk together and that was fun. >> and -- >> reporter: it park sparked a change in the entire household. >> and to see she's that obsessed with it. i was surprised. >> and we're going to have some conversations, in terms of some -- three times of the day. >> it was worth it for me to see of a withdraw he had and to share it with my friends and to say i don't think i can. i started during the week putting my phone away more. >> reporter: in the end, they all made it and nobody died, but even so, th
dancers used to pool struck to bring the guy down before police showed up to arrest him. >>> a hot topic across america and on capitol hill, authorities stepped up patrol in a popular gun show in fort lauderdale this weekend. the added security did not bother gun enthusiasts. three buyback programs got more than 380 guns off the streets. police hope their presence will keep hands out of the gun who choose not to be responsible gun owners. >>> two were hurt in chicago. a boy band announced on twitter they were going to show up at the mall. a huge crowd gathered and things went down fast. police arrested a dozen young people after signs were drone and cars were damaged. a teen and a bus driver were damaged. they're recovering at a hospital tonight. >>> just a buck takes on a whole new meaning with a group of deer enter a strip mall. the wild scene was witnessed firsthand. >> hosing off the sidewalk kept the firefighters busy, as did scraping out broken glass. most of their work went into cracking jokes about the herd of deer that wreaked havoc on a store where everything is a dollar. >> ne
of skateboarding is the use of marijuana. >> it would help with the pain. ow, ow. >> thank you so much. i appreciate it. >> ow. >> good, how are you? >> we have amy schchumer. >> amy, am i missed watching you because my girl wanted to see another show in vegas but -- >> that's cold. that's cold. >> trust me. i was upset about that. >> i know you have a vegas show. >> would you ever watch britney if she was next door to your vegas show or something? >> yeah, who doesn't want to see britney? you mean britney spears, right? i don't want to be the one to tell you brittany murphy passed away. [laughter] >> i think she nailed it on that one. >> oh, my gosh. >> k.m.z. presents kim and kanye cause controversy. >> hi, kim. happy valentine's day. >> looks like they're going to dinner. >> they went to lowrey's prime rib for valentine's day. >> they went to lowrey's? >> no way! >> yes, way. kim and kanye went to lowrey's, the family favorite prime rib joint regular people go to for birthdays, little league banquets and a-plus report cards. >> you'd think they would be in paris on a river in a yacht.
know or what you know, you know? >> yeah. >> ok. anyway -- thank you, "tmz" viewers, for helping us to solve this -- wait, you didn't, did you? this guy did. won a t-shirt. good luck, david. >> this girl trying too hard, try to picture her again, claudia romani, model. this time she's in a thong, underwear and stockings playing soccer by herself. she's trying it all. she's showered in a bikini, she's shook her butt around miami beach all over the place. this time she's trying to throw the ball back in to no one. >> do you feel used? >> do i? >> yeah. >> no, i'm calling her out. she's trying so hard but in the end, it's easy on the eyes. >> in the end. >> and now, solving important religious issues with cardinal donald weurl. >> cardinal, i know you're flying to rome. >> yes. >> we have the archbishop of washington, cardinal donald weurl. >> i love him. >> who doesn't? check out his arm candy. unfortunately, he's not allowed to have candy but there's only one thing on donnie's mind right now. >> he is in washington, d.c. he is heading to rome to vote on the pope. >> yes, we actually
change. it's bringing us all down. it's making us all look bad. listen, this is the thing, you give somebody enough rope, they'll hang themself. (robyn) but she's hanging all of us. barbie sabotaged the team tonight. one individual made eight other people fail. that's a problem. the pressure is really getting to robyn. she's really starting to crack. cream rises to the top, baby. yeah, you know what, i'll be [bleep] rising to the top and you're gonna be going [bleep] home. i'm not going home tonight. (announcer) with no end in sight for the tension between barbie and the rest of the women, it seems the only time the red team is not fighting is when they're sleeping. and as a new day begins... barbie decides she shouldn't be the only one up early cleaning. what the [bleep] is that? wake up. [bleep] do you wanna rumble this morning? i just want everybody to remember where they are and what we're here to do. really? what are you doing? really?! i just washed the dishes. i came out here with you going like this, you dumb bitch! listen, somebody needs to tell that [bleep] bitch what's up
, se que lo hice... me encanta, no puedo dejar de repetir lo mucho que amo dermawand. >> use dermawand donde quiera que su piel este opaca y poco atractiva... en su cuello, su escote, atras de sus brazos. con una buena crema reafirmante, lograra maravillas detras de sus piernas. tambien, si se ha hecho una cirugia cosmetica o se ha puesto inyecciones, deberia hacerse algun tipo de tratamiento de radiofrecuencia como programa de mantenimiento... y dermawand es perfecto para eso. y es maravilloso para ayudar a los hombres a verse unos aÑos mas jovenes. y ahora vean esto... ella es bonnie a los 40 aÑos. la gravedad realmente ha daÑado su apariencia. y ahora, aqui la tenemos despues de un tratamiento de 60 dias con dermawand. las lineas en su barbilla y boca casi se desvanecieron. igual que las lineas entre la nariz y boca. la inflamacion de sus pomulos desaparecio, lo que hace que su cara se vea mucho mas delgada. la forma de toda el area de los ojos cambio drasticamente. los parpados ya no estan caidos y esta zona alrededor de ambos ojos realmente se ve mas abierta. sus cejas se ven l
measuring app. >> i asked josh to do something for the website to give us some kind of art. >> you said make chubby checker into a penis. >> he put a urethra in his hair. >> this is ron popeil's daughter. >> she's black. >> ron popeil cant produce black spawn. >> who said she was black? >> he said she was black. >> i was judging from the booty. >> we got kiefer sutherland. they changed the iron to a cat. would you buy a new set for that one piece? >> maybe for my grandson. >> he has a grandson? how old is he? >> he's 59. >> he's not 59. >> he's 59. i'm sorry. "tmz" pop quiz. >> what do women want most on valentine's day a, flowers; b, candy; or c, to taste the blood of a woman she's just murdered. this valentine's day cupid is bringing pain. someone explain. >> we have video of this unbelievable fight with one of the girls of "love & hip hop. decpwhrit all went down at a new york nail aslon grand opening. >> tiffany approached erica and started a lady war. >> they have some sort of issue. >> what is the issue? >> she thinks chamberlain was great britain's best prime minister. just kidding. i
. >> so i asked jo to do something for the website when we posted the story to give us some kind of art. >> you said make chuy checker into a penis. >> he t a urethra in his hair >> it's the details that make it. >> or make chubby checker a penis or something like that. >> i didn't say put him in the zipper. >> why is he only 3 inches. >> you think he was pissedt hewlett packard. wait till he sees at. [laughter] >> tony hawk, in the flesh, the n, the myth, theegend. >> all three, behold the obi-wan of skateboardingtonyaw has taken on new apprentice, he has, theid who did this. the rce is strong with this e. >> you tweeted this video of adam miller. >> basically, it's a back flip fromkateard skateboard down a set of stairs. >> easily one ofhe coost tricks you've seen in a long time. >> not too many pele can do anything le that. i've ner seethat trick ever. >> but this trick,ilmed at tony's rad channel studios, it took some practice. >> we have all of his ssteps and slams in another video. >> yeah, but nobody wants to see that. yeah, let's watcthat. ow. ow. and ow anyway, thfil sult is a
a bag of pedigree, you'll help more shelter dogs go home. join us. feed your dog pedigree. and you'll help us feed more shelter dogs. but how long before shine starts peeking through? neutrogena® shine control makeup. 86% of women agreed their skin looks shine free all day long. neutrogena®.  their skin looks [knock on door]um running]g. ma... [louder] ma... what are you doing? oh... have you been lifting weights? god... you don't need that thing. just pick up the house and shake it. what do you want from me, huh? are you hungry? i'll make you something to eat. no, no, no, i'm not hungry. listen, uh... what are you doing after vacuuming? i reload the bag and go again. i was wondering if, uh, maybe later on... if you could maybe give me a piano lesson. maybe later. what are you doing? nothing. i'm-- you're--you're making fun of me? no. no-- you don't think i know the kids make fun of me? nobody's making anything-- "ha ha ha ha, the old piano lady!" like i'm from the lost world. yeah, maybe if more children took piano lessons instead of shooting less
and bwi marshall, 28. the timing on the rain as it moves in on the winter precip is favorable for us. it will get in here late morning, early afternoon so that will warm temperatures up just a bit. a floodwatch for the 95 corridor here, baltimore and washington as we are expecting 1 to 2 inches of rain. we haven't seen that much in the entire month. we could have a few flooding conditions. showers developing, just lain old rain for your evening commute. rain is pretty much a guarantee. >> we are going to get busy in the weather department. let's check in with julie wright who is already busy in the traffic department. >> absolutely. as tucker was warning you guys about the flooding that could occur, like we saw not even a month ago, do not make an attempt to drive through standing water. so heed the warnings. if you see standing water, turn around, do not drown. on the roads right now, the dry pavement but the crash involving the overturned tractor-trailer covents to block the two right lanes on the inner loop of the beltway just past the bw parkway. this is where we have the two rig
uses to help create some of the hottest bodies in hollywood. >> i tried a lot of things and nothing worked for me the way that tracy's method has worked, and nothing has worked for as long because of her ingenuity, the way she changes it all time. if you put the time in, you actually can get the results that you want. >> announcer: us magazine says... she's also been called... >> i wish i would have met tracy 17 years ago because with her program i was finally able to slim down in the hip area, which i was never ever able to do before. >> tracy's program has totally worked for me. it take inches off of places you didn't even know you had because she totally resculpts your body. 69 inches? wow... five sizes in 90 days... unbelievable. tracy, i love you. >> announcer: metamorphosis by tracy is a fitness method unlike anything else out there. it utilizes a completely different kind of movement, customized for your body type, and designed to give any woman a perfectly proportioned, tight, toned, strong and sexy body. so get ready to defy your genetics and experience a total body transfo
" recomiendan que cuando use el teléfono mantenga alerta, escuchar música a bajo vlumen, colocar el móvil en vibración, mantenta el teléfono donde no sea visible, evite mandar mensajes de texto y use el teléfono cuando sea necesario, aún así el iphone es fragil y una pequeña caída puede golpear su bolsillo. >> ¿qué le hiciste a tu teléfono ?. >> se cayó . >> ¿o lo botaste?. >> se cayó . >> son eficiente,s pero aún no tienen aplicación que avise que se caiga . >> a veces estoy en el toilet hago otras cosas. >> los descuidos pasan e n todo lugar y de muchas formas, por eso hay que estar preparados para cuidar la inversion y tener planes de cobertura . >> hay planes que puedan hacerlo, dependiendo del proveedor . >> mañama hablaremos con los expertos para ver sus mejores opciones,seguros, garantias y ver qué hacer, de regreso con ustedes . >> la mejor manera para mí de cuidar mi iphone es que no lo tenga mi marido, la única caída fue en sus manos . >> no te lo lleves al baño . >> bueno, miles de personas dejaron para última hora las compras del regalo del amor y acudieron
sudÁfrica en el caso de >> ho sc ar p is tor us s ali Ó libre b a bajo f ianza . >> >> con el us o d el p apa Á be nef ic d c o benedicto, 1 (mÚsica( con lo fuerte sobre sacerdotes p pederastras. >> con el cvardenal josef rat n ratzinger, despuÉs de esperar o por decadas esperaba que la j t justicia quedara. >> barvbba es uno de los 8 ex i legionarios de cristo que acuso aqbusos, se comenzÓ a revelarlo del padre marciel que le decÍan consumia drogas y tenÍa hijos. >> mi primer abuso sucediÓ cu cuan cuÁnto tenÍa 7 aÑos de edad, t estaba costado acostado con el e el calzoncillo y me trata de o violar. >> cuaÁndo muriÓ el pontifice e cardenal ratzinger comenzÓ a v investigarlo y despuÉs lo invito a renunciar al ministerio. >> este comunicado muestra a un ratzinger queriendo hacer pero en verdad no lo hizo. >> el papÁ fallo al enfrentar o los casos de pederaztstria de i ieg iglesia. >> esto tenÍa que hacerlo sin el reclamo universal. >> dice que se rindiÓ ante los l legionarios de cristo o algunos cardenales que al sentirse am a amenazado habiÍan ordenado ro l
>> los celos hicieron que un hombre disparara a 4 mujeres y la única sobreviviente fue us nnovia que después de meses ella nos cuenta. >> los 5 disparos que recibió no le quitaron las ganas de vivir. >> cuándo te disparan no sientes dolor en ese momento te adormeces. >> ella convaleciente nos recibe en su casa después de que su ex novio le disparara hasta que la creyera muerta. >> el entró le vi el arma y le dijo a mi amiga y le dijo que era su culpa después me disparo y me movia para ver si yo vivía. >> y me dijo que si yo lo dejaba me mataria. >> y en este video lo vemos afuera del local. >> yo le dije que por favor no matara a mi mamá y yo brincaba con cada tiro. >> marcia estaba my herida y mato a 3 mujeres una de ellas embarazada. luego el hombre se fue a la casa de un amigo y se asesino., >> más que las heridas le duele la irracional muerte de inocentes, >> si hubiese estado en la calle no hubiera mportado pero el mato a inocentes. >> estaban en el lugar equivocado a la hora equivocada. >> mi mamá me salvó la vida porque yo estaba sentada en dond
que la necesitan para trabajar. >> ex policía queriendo matar a policais es us primera vez que se encuentra en una situación asi, dice que teme por su seguridad. >> esto ya fue demasiado lejos nadie mas tiene que moriri revisare todo lo que se hizo mal pero nadie mas debe morir. >> decenas de voluntarios participaron en un simulacro de tiroteo como parte del entrenamiento para evitar tragedias como escuela sandy hook en newtown , connecticut. >> esas parece escenas de una película protagonizada por steven segal pero son las imágenes de los entrenamientos realizados en una escuela. >> donde 48 policía practican lo que sería un simulacro de una matanza con steven segal, el tiene mas de 20 años de experencia policía y tiene entrenamiento con armas. >> para el actor los niños son lo mas violos que hay son nuesros tesoros y debemos protegerlos. >> habla en ngles. >> según arpallo todos deben saber que los voluntarios harán rondas en las escuelas y manejan armas. >> el alguacil de maricopa dice que contratara mas agentes. >> es un tipo de es pura políticas. >> michelle obama
se use en otras intervenciones. >> el robot fue comprado por 2 y medio millones de dólares, para garantizar el funcionamiento se le realiza mantenimiento en estados unidos de 150 mil doalres. >> y el más reciente estudio el 18% de los hombres y 11% de mujeres beben más alcohol de lo que se recomienda, esto se ve como un problema por el exceso de alcohol. >> y ahora lo mejor de la jornada deportiva. >> que fin de semana el que tuvimos la jornada 8 del fútbol mexicano, el domingo hubo 2 partidos y en europa el clasico derbyu. >> en el omnilife se buscaba el rebaño contra los panzas verdes, y el primer gol de marco fabian y las chivas, después brito y el empate 1 a 1 y otra vez el zurdazo a las chivas rayadas. >> y el estadio nemesio 10, el 17 aparece luis gabriel rey y abre el marcador para los del profesor cruz, pero lucas silva empata que golazo, y al 77 carlitgos esquivel el pase y flavio santos, los choriceros le dan la vuelta al marcador. >> pasamos al calcio para el derby de milán, el gol de steven el sharawi, al 71, cabezazo de squelotto, y el derbi termina en empate y
. >> la primera noche que yo use el nutribullet logre dormir como nunca lo habia hecho. eso fue excelente, fue fenomenal. >> mi colesterol malo que estaba en 290 bajo 190. >> los cambios que note en mi y mi familia fueron increibles. >> anunciador: unase a estas personas y a miles mas. descubra el aparato que tiene el poder de restar anos a la forma en que usted se ve y se siente. aprenda del experto en nutricion y renombrado autor david wolfe, quien explica a auditorios llenos alrededor del mundo por que este "el descubrimiento mas significativo de su vida". presentamos el nutribullet, el extractor de nutricion de super alimentos. el nutribullet no es una licuadora ni es un extractor de jugos. es una innovacion en la ciencia de la nutricion que puede cambiar su vida. con la exclusiva accion ciclonica de la bala, el motor de alta potencia del nutribullet pulveriza los alimentos a nivel celular, liberando su valor nutricional oculto para retrasar los efectos del envejecimiento y super cargar su metabolismo para combatir molestias y dolores, resfriados, y hasta mejorar importantes indicador
ilegales, pero en otros estados se pueden conseguir. >>> son rifles que use en el ejercito, y estÁn hechos para la guerra, para matar gente en guerra. >>> la bala es tan veloz que es veloz, si uno dispara la bala atraviesa el cuerpo de un intruso y seguir atravesando varias paredes. >>> puede llegar hasta 3000 metros. >>> los precios comienzan en mil dÓlares. pero cuÁn facil es usar? pienso que es la primera vez que uso un arma de fuego en mi vida. me sorprendiÓ la facilidad con la que se aprieta el gatillo. en cuanto a los resultados. >>> luis, estos son los tiros, todos estÁn pegados, no tiene experiencia. >>> es la primera vez. >>> increÍble. esto le dice que es fÁcil disparar. >>> y hace lo que el ar15 sea tan peligroso, una poderosa arma por la que algunos desarrollaron un atracciÓn fatal. >>> el gobierno venezolano anunciÓ una devaluacion del 46%. fue hecho por el ministro de planificaciÓn, ahora se compra a 6 bolivares en el mercado negro el dÓlar estÁ por arriba de los 20. >>> el sueÑo de obtener ciudadanÍa para indocumentados podrÍa demorar varios aÑos. >>> quiÉn m
, podría causar retiro del boxeador, me acusan de usar clembuterol, no es prohibida y nunca la use, dijo >> feliz tarde >> a las 11 tendremos renuncia del papa , funcionarios quieren prohibir acceso a ciertos pasajeros, mejor verifique estado de cuenta para pedir credito >> redes sociales cambian relaciones de pareja , 41% dice que descubrio infidelidad de pareja , en latinas, pero 2 de 3 personas se reencontraron con novios en redes sociales , ha revisado facebook o twitter ? dejenos los comentarios en las redes sociales (información en pantalla) >> vamos al noticiero univisión >> 2013. >>> con estas palabras en latÍn, el papa benedicto xvi anunciÓ sorpresivamente su renuncia, la primera renuncia de un papa en casi 600 aÑos, dijo que no tiene la fuerza necesaria para continuar con el ministerio de san pedro, su decisiÓn llevarÁ a la iglesia a un proceso de remplazar al lÍder de mÁs de 1200 millones de catÓlicos, y le diremos cuÁndo tomÓ su decision, y quienes son los candidatos a sustituirle. esta es una ediciÓn especial del "noticiero univisiÓn." ♪. ♪. ♪. >>> este e
, luis gutiérrez reaccionó ante la carta que fue publicada por us today. >>> si el presidente barack obama viene mañana al congreso, y dice esta es mi propuesta, demando acción, ustedes saben qué pasará. >>> el legislador hizo un llamado al presidente para respetar los procesos legislativos. >>> el presidente epseró 4 años, y ahora cuál es la urgencia después de 4 semanas. >>> en organizaciones como lulac también dicen que esto es contraproducente. >>> no hay forma de una reforma migratoria para la población hispana. >>> por su parte la casa blanca dic eq trabaja para una reforma migratoria y que también habrá progreso. >>> me mientras se lleva a cabo la legislación hay familias que piden ayudar. >>>s e nos hace un poco hipócrita que se haga el empuje de la reforma migratoria. >>> el esposo de josefina y padre de 3 hijos fue a ciudad juáre para recoger su visa, pero en el cnsulado estadouy se la negaron. >>> nos destrozaron al vida, nosotros hemos estado un año peleando su casa. >>> ellos esperan que cualquiera sea la reforma migratoria, tengan en cuenta sus casos.
tener una similitud a los de la gran manzana. fusion entre american airline y us airway busca crear la aerolinea mas grande del mundo. en oracion y aislado del mundo son algunos de los planes del papa benedicto 16 una vez deje su cargo. en los deportes les contaremos que paso en el cierre de semana de copa libertadores. hoy se anuncio la saludos y bienvenidos!!! el sistema de taxis del distrito podria tener una nueva cara, silvana quiroz nos cuenta cual seria... silvana, buenas noeches!! que dice la comision de taxis? para los gustos los colores, dicen popularmente y este dicho se aplica hoy al darce a conocer una recomendacion que busca uniformar a los taxis en el distrito lo hicieron en nueva york y 5 ciudades del paÍs el color uniforme de los taxis y de ser aprobada una recomendaciÓn podrÍa implementarse aqui, en el distrito que tal este y este o este? son los modelos de taxis que fueron parte de una propuesta que se considero desde mediados de diciembre del aÑo pasado. ron lerthen este panel recomendÓ que el la comisiÓn vote a favor de implementar un solo color en los tax
vigilante vez vecinal, se pidÓ que se use sudaderas con capucha en las vigilia en su honor, el juicio contra zimmermann, acusado por el asesinato. estÁ pautado para comenzar en junio. >>> lo seguirÁn llamando su santidad cuando el papa benedicto xvi se retire el jueves. el nuevo cargo, papa emerito, su vestimenta serÁ una sotana blanca y zapatos que le regalaron en mÉxico. y continuarÁ llevandolos. ratzinger pasarÁ una temporada en la casa de verano antes de instalarse en un convento, dejarÁ de llevar el anillo de pescador de oro que tiene grabado su nombre en latÍn. >>> luego de una semana de ser hallada en un callejÓn de texas, en una bolsa plastica, la reciÉn nacida, kloe, estÁ en un buen estado de salud serÁ llevada a un hogar adoptivo, se desconoce quienes son sus padres. le piden a la comunidad ayuda en estos momentos para encontrarloso. un detalle curioso, la pequeÑa naciÓ con un diente, y como maÁa se pregunta como es posible que haga semejante barbaridad. esa es la palabra, muy triste, lo importante que estÁ sana, salva, y le buscarÁn una familia que le de amor y ca
us vida, es la misión del hospital saint jude, y usted también puede sumarse. >>> arrestaron a un hombre como principal sospechoso de la muerte de una joven, santiago lucero con la información del caso >>> exactamente a una semana de hallar el cuerpo e la pequeña de 13 años la policía de fairfield arrestó a lamar jones. >>> la policía arrestó a un hombre que es presuntamente responsable del homicidio de la niña de 13 años. >>> desde el principio de la investigación ha permanecido bajo vigilancia las 24 horas del día. >>> las autoridades dicen que la evidencia es muy notable pero no han dado detalles de esto. >> cuando comience el proceso judicial se dara más información de la situación, lo que queremos hacer ahorita es informar al público que el hombre es el único sospechoso que estamos vigilando. >>> el lugar está ahora repleto de mensajes de la comunidad. >>> stefanie nuñez llegó al parque para renddirle tributo. >>> muy triste, y sentía que iba a llorar, pero me la aguanté. >>> la mamá se stephanie acompañó a su hija al parque. >>> da miedo, no se puede
con aditamentos para hacer us sábado un poco diferente, desde el bronx, enrique teuteló, univisión. >>> es momento de nuestra primera pausa y al regresar en noticias univisión 14 fin de semana, como siempre en vivo, el ministro de relaciones exteriorews de venezuela habla de la condiciones de salud del presidente chávez. >>> también aplicaciones telefónicas que le harán su camino menos complicado >>> ayer entramos al hospital comunitario linda vista que ha sido el centro de varias investigaciones paranormales hoy en la última parte de la serie hospital del terror, francisco ugalde nos muestra un acto de una médium, tenemos los detalles. >>> así se preparan para entrar al mundo del so muertos, en un sitio en que se hallan atrapados y que no puedne salir. >> el lugar es el antiguo hospital comunitario linda vista. >>> se hicieron muchos experimentos aquí, era una clínica de abortos clandestinos también una morgue y un asilo para tratar a las personas con problemas mentales. >>> desereth tabárez es parte de las médiums que ha sido encargada para limpiar el edificio. >>>
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